Tuition and Fees

ESL Program

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Average cost per nivel
International Students*

Tuition USD 761
Fees USD 456
Dormitory USD 229
Food USD 314

Undergraduate Programs

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Average cost per year
International Students*

Tuition USD 2,181
Fees USD 849
Dormitory USD 531
Food USD 1,470

Graduate Program

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Asia-Pacific International University is a not-for-profit institution that operates as an ongoing venture of faith. A portion of its income is derived from gifts and grants from those who believe in its mission and objectives. It also receives significant contributions and grants toward its operation and capital development from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These sources of funding enable the University to keep tuition and residence fees at moderate levels and yet still maintain excellence in facilities, in scholarship and teaching.

* Average cost based on an exchange rate of 35 baht to 1 USD with estimated cost of students in plan B from within Asia. Cost last updated April 2016. Prices may change without notice.

    Planning in Advance

    In planning to attend Asia-Pacific International University, careful consideration should be given to the cost of education. Both parents and students view such cost as an investment and not simply as an expense.

    Students, parents, and guardians are encouraged to carefully plan their financial resources in advance to cover the cost of programs of study undertaken at Asia-Pacific International University. The University requires that student accounts are kept current each semester in order for scheduled study to proceed. It is the students’ responsibility (along with parents, guardians, or sponsors) not to allow accounts to get into arrears and thus interrupt study sequences.

    Students should work closely with the Student Finance Officer to complete financial arrangements prior to registration each semester and determine payment arrangements. Any forms of financial assistance that may apply or for which a student might be eligible can be discussed at this time.


    Southeast Asian Regional Students

    The following schedule of charges is provided so that students who live within the territory of the Southeast Asian Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists (the countries of Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) can calculate the cost of education in advance and make arrangements to finance their study program. The rates are adjusted annually to reflect changing economic conditions in Thailand.

    All prices are listed in Thai Baht.


    Tuition (per credit hour) Regional Bursary Rate
    2. Regular Fees (per semester)
    3. University Fee (per semester)
    4. Laboratory Fees (per course, if required)
       • Computer Lab, Language Lab or Science Lab

    5. Other Required Fees
      • Application (once)
      • New Student Registration Fee (once)
      • Student Visa Services (per year)

    6. Room/Accommodation (per semester)
      • Dorm - Double Occupancy
      • Dorm - Single Occupancy
      • Married Student Housing
    7. Food/Cafeteria (minimum per semester)
      • Men
      • Ladies













    Non-Regional Students

    Students from countries beyond the regional countries of Southeast Asia previously named pay an international tuition rate. Details are available from the Student Finance Office.

    Special Services

    Some academic services may or may not be needed by students and are therefore charged on an individual basis as the service is required.

    Service Required


    Academic Transcript for graduate
    Add or Drop a Class Petition (per course)
    Change of Major (per change)
    Change of Faculty (per change)
    Graduation (per graduation)
    Late Registration (per day)
    Special Examination (per examination)
    500 to 2,000
    Transfer of Credit (per course)
    Privately Tutored Courses (3 times the tuition rate)  










    Residence Hall and Cafeteria Personalized Charges

    Fees listed above for residence rooms and cafeteria service are calculated and charged in advance on a minimum monthly fee basis. If students choose additional services or if their consumption is beyond these monthly minimums, additional charges may apply as follows:

    • Electricity charges are metered on an individual student room basis. Usage exceeding 100 Baht per month is charged to the rooms’ occupants.

    • Air-conditioners for student residence rooms may be requested at a charge of 5,000 Baht per semester. The air-conditioners will cause the student to exceed their electricity minimum and result in a monthly electricity charge mentioned in the previous item.

    • Electricity charges for independent hot water units are metered and the charge is shared among the suite mates.

    • The married student housing charge does not include utility charges. Occupants should plan for charges for water and electricity usage.

    Refundable Deposits

    Certain deposits are required for security purposes. These deposits are refundable six working days after the time a student withdraws from the University and a financial clearance statement has been completed if there are no outstanding damage or loss claims that need to be settled.

    Refundable deposits and credit balances in the student accounts have to be claimed within a year of leaving the university. Failing to complete clearance/withdrawal process within one year of leaving the university, the student deposit and the credit balance will be forfeited by the student.

    Security Deposit Required


    Community - Day Student
    Residence Hall/Apartment
    Transportation Deposit (within SAUM)
    Transportation Deposit (from outside SAUM)
    20, 000 to 60,000


    Financial Arrangements and Terms of Payment

    Students are required to obtain financial clearance from the Student Finance Office before or during registration. Without this financial clearance, students are not permitted to attend class.

    Payments can be made by way of draft, check, money order, credit card online payment, wire transfer, interbank transfer and cash denominated either in Thai Baht or US dollars. Cash payments are made only at the Cash Receipts window.

    Several payment options are available to meet the financial needs of students as follows:

    1. Payment of the full-year’s account in full during first semester registration (March-May programs excluded). For this a 5% tuition discount is granted. This 5% discount will be calculated on the total tuition for the year net of other tuition scholarships, subsidies or bursaries.

    2. Payment of the semester’s account in full upon registration.

    3. A payment plan that has been approved by the Student Finance Officer. This payment plan may not extend beyond the end of the semester or a student’s planned graduation date.

    Payments can be made by way of drafts, checks, money orders and cash denominated either in Thai Baht or US Dollars. It is advisable that cash payments be made only locally at the Student Finance Officer.

    Financial Guarantee (Clearance)

    Applicants and their parents or guardians as well as the University need to carefully plan financial resources in advance to cover the cost of study undertaken at Asia-Pacific International University.

    An offer of admission and the issuing of a letter of acceptance can only be made after the University has received acceptable evidence of the ability of the student to fully meet the financial commitments involved in undertaking the course of study applied for.

    Evidence may be required as follows:

    - Submission of a signed letter of sponsorship specifying the amount of sponsorship and including satisfactory evidence of the ability of the sponsor to honor the commitment.

    - A statement of financial ability from the applicant’s bank or a parent’s or sponsor’s bank with documentary evidence provided directly by the bank of a deposit of an amount in five digits (USD currency or an equivalent amount) held in the name of the applicant or the applicant’s parent or sponsor’s bank with documentary evidence provided directly by the bank.

    -Evidence that bank deposits in the parent or guarantor’s name have been held in the bank for a period of more than six months.

    - A statement of the parent’s annual income provided by the parent’s employer.

    Financial Clearance

    Financial clearance is required from the Student Finance Office for the following:

    1. Registration at the beginning of each semester and summer session.

    2. Before a student withdraws from the University.

    3. Before a degree, diploma, or transcript is issued.

    Before a student leaves Asia-Pacific International University, clearance must be obtained from both the Registrar’s Office and the Finance Office. Forms specifically for this purpose are available from the Registrar’s Office.


    Students withdrawing from one or more courses during the semester may be eligible for refunds according to the following policy.

    1. 100% of tuition and regular/laboratory fees if withdrawal from one or more courses within two weeks of the commencement of the semester. 75% of tuition and regular/laboratory fees if withdrawing from all courses within two weeks of the commencement of a semester.

    2. 50% of tuition and regular/laboratory fees if withdrawal is within four weeks of the commencement of the semester.

    3. Unused dormitory and cafeteria fees may be refunded on a pro-rata basis; however, no partial month refunds will be granted.

    4. No refund of tuition or fees will be granted for withdrawals that occurs more than four weeks after the commencement of a semester or for withdrawals that are the result of disciplinary action.

    5. A signed request form or letter from the student and parent/guardian is required to initiate the procedure for any refunds. Requests must be submitted to the Student Finance Officer.

    Accounts in Arrears

    1. If a continuing student owes any debt to the University from a previous semester, he/she will not be allowed to register until the full debt is repaid or satisfactory arrangements for the repayment of the debt have been made and formal financial clearance has been received from the Student Finance Office.

    2. Approximately two weeks before final examinations each semester, students whose accounts are in arrears must meet with the Student Finance Officer or the Vice President for Financial Administration and settle all outstanding debts with the University.

    3. Asia-Pacific International University will withhold all transcripts, diplomas, test scores, letters of completion, status letters and other official records until the student’s financial obligations to the University have been met.

    4. Graduating students must clear their accounts one week before graduation in order to be eligible to take part in graduation ceremonies.

    Financial Assistance

    The following forms of financial assistance are available to students who meet the necessary eligibility criteria:

    1. Southeast Asia Union Mission Scholarships. Students from Seventh-day Adventist families who live in the countries of the Southeast Asian Union Mission territory (the countries of Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) are eligible for a scholarship offered by the Southeast Asia Union Mission of SDA. This scholarship meets approximately 10% to 25% of the chargeable expenses. Only full time students are eligible for this scholarship. Other special conditions must be met by students in order to maintain the scholarship on an ongoing basis. Details and application forms are available from your local Mission Office.

    2. Thailand Government Educational Assistance Loans may be available for Thai nationals who meet the specified criteria. Details and application forms are available from the Student Finance Office.

    3. Scholarships. A limited number of merit based scholarships may be available each year depending on availability of funding from donors.

    • President’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence

    Campus Work-Study Program

    In line with the Adventist philosophy of education, Asia-Pacific International University provides work opportunities to develop the skills of students and to enable them to help finance their study. Work experience is a valuable and integral part of learning. Work opportunities, however, are limited and in granting work assignments preference will be given to students who need work as part of their financial plan. The amount of work assigned depends on the student’s financial need as well as class load and academic performance. In general, Freshmen and Sophomores work on the grounds, cafeteria or plant services.

    Additional Information

    Please send a message to: or




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