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We are delighted to welcome you to your new home! Our goal is for you to have a pleasant and comfortable life at AIU. We wish you to be successful in your studies, to stay safe and healthy, to grow spiritually, and to make many new friends. We encourage you to take advantage of the various cultural events and club activities on campus. Get involved in the different cultural, recreational, and sports events.

Asia-Pacific International University is a residential institution. Students are expected to reside in the dormitories to fully benefit from the extra-curricular activities offered on campus and to be in the vicinity of their classrooms, the library, the church and the dining hall.

Six dormitories are available to the students: The Bangkok campus dorm, where the junior and senior nursing students stay to be close to the hospital where they do their practical training. The other five dorms are in Muak Lek, Saraburi province: Solomon Hall for the male students; Esther, Ruth and Eve Halls for the ladies. They are surrounded by a naturally beautiful and quiet environment conducive to learning and character development.

For a smooth operation of our dormitories, every resident must follow all the rules and obey the additional instructions given by the University officials. A complete list of the rules can be found in the Student Handbook. Each student is responsible to read the Handbook and comply with all its regulations. Thank you in advance for your full cooperation.

Residence Guidelines

Below is summarized the minimum information you need to know as you start your new life on campus:

1. Curfew: Curfew is at 10:00PM every night and at 11:00 P.M. on Saturday night.

2. Room Check: Rooms will be checked 15 minutes after curfew. A minimum of 10 points are deducted from the citizenship points for every night a student is absent without permission. The time the student arrives after the curfew time determines the number of points to be deducted.

3. Quiet Hours: The quiet hours in the residence hall are from 9:00 pm – 9:00 am. It is a grave offense to disturb your roommates or your neighbors by playing music, DVDs, Computer games, TV, after 9:00 pm. Please use your earphones/ headphones during the quiet hours.

4. No Controlled Substances: It is strictly prohibited to smoke cigars or cigarettes, drink alcohol, possess or abuse illegal drugs or any addictive substances on or off campus while attending the University. Punishment for such infractions include a cash fine, suspension, or dismissal.

5. Room Care: Residents are responsible for taking good care of the furniture in their rooms. Moving beds, mattress, desks, or chairs to other rooms is not allowed unless permitted by the Deans. (See Appendix A-4)

6. Room Damage: Sticking posters or anything on the walls and closets are not allowed. Students responsible for damaging the wall will pay for the necessary repairs.

7. Personal Belongings Safety: Be prudent with expensive personal belongings such as cameras, laptop computers, jewelry, money, costly cell phones, etc. To be on the safe side, contact the deans and rent a student locker where valuable things can be kept safe from losses or robbers.

8. Cleanliness: Dorm residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their room, their bathroom and their balcony.

9. Worship Attendance: Dorm residents are required to have at least 70% attendance on morning worships and dorm assembly at 7:00A.M., chapel, departmental worship, Friday evening Vespers, and Sabbath services. No exceptions! (See Appendix 2)

10. Uniforms: Complete school uniforms is required daily when attending classes or chapel services. That includes the pin/button, the right kind of shoes and belts. No jeans, no sandals, no jewelry!

11. Transportation Safety: For safety reasons, all students are required to wear a helmet when riding motorbikes on or off-campus. Students are encouraged to be back on campus by 7:00 P.M. for their own safety. Everyone must be in the dorms before curfew time.

12. Sabbath Observance: All students are required to show respect for the observance of the holy Sabbath on campus. Sabbath starts at sundown Friday afternoon and ends Saturday evening. It is a day of rest, fellowship and worship. Please refrain from doing heavy work, for example washing clothes, cleaning rooms, etc. The sport facilities and the library are closed during the Sabbath hours. Students are expected to attend worship services every Sabbath morning from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Womens' Residences

Esther Hall

Dean: Clara Liaw 
Office: 4744

Assistant Dean: Linda Wong

Eve Hall

Dean: Orathai Photiyhou
Office: 4746

Ruth Hall

Dean: Prapaporn Phromboom
Office: 4743

Mens' Residences

Elijah Hall

Dean: Gabriel Galgao
Office: 4745

Assistant Dean: Sovanroth Nguon
Office: 4745

Solomon Hall

Dean: Sorawit Chaipisit
Office: 2301

Married Student Residences

Please contact Student Administration for more information.


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