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Brace for Impact

Brace for Impact

Impact Muak Lek

Impact Muak Lek officially began on the evening of Sunday, February 15, 2015. Impact Muak Lek is a week-long event organized by Asia-Pacific International University to evangelize and help the Muak Lek community. Many students, faculty, and staff from Asia-Pacific helped in preparing for the event so that it would be one that would truly touch the lives of people of Muak Lek.

Mr. Somporn Khajornpop said, “I think it’s better than last year. Overall the event is the same, but we learned from the mistakes last year and improved the activities. Also this year, we did better in raising community awareness.”

“We are here to reach out to the Thai community,” said Pastor Johnny Wong, “and I think we started off on a good note.”

Impact Muak Lek offers many services free of charge to anyone who attends the event. The free services throughout the entire week include the following: meals, haircuts, massages, English lessons, and health checkups. Extra booths were set up where people can purchase Christian books, buy healthy food by Divine Heritage, and see demos to increase health awareness. Every evening the program is divided into two sections: adults and children. The adults listened to short lessons by Asia-Pacific faculties, and the children participate in activities curated for them.

This year’s Impact Muak Lek hopes to top the successes of last. Asia-Pacific aims to spread the love of God to the people of Muak Lek and surrounding areas through this event.

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