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Computer Engineering

Are you analytical and innovative? Do you like to solve problems by yourself, work on projects with a team, or explain technical information in a meeting? Come join the Bachelor of Science transfer program at Asia-Pacific International University. You can have the best of two worlds. Study for up to two years in the tranquility of a tropical resort-like setting in Thailand, where you can enjoy low tuition rates and living costs. Then transfer to Walla Walla University in the United States and graduate with an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.

Computer engineers design, develop, test, and improve hardware and software for computers, as well as design digital systems, integrated circuits, embedded controllers, and networking equipment. They develop new computer games, business applications and operating systems. A computer engineer may also be responsible for constructing and managing an organization's computer system and supplying technical support. Fascinating new areas such as robotics and artificial intelligence contribute to the diversity of this profession.

Career opportunities are available in both small entrepreneurial companies and large industries. In 2014, the average salary for computer engineers in the United States was $108,430 USD.

Our Engineering programs allow students to take up to two years of classes at Asia-Pacific International University, and then transfer to Walla Walla University (WWU) in Washington State, USA, to complete the degree. The time to completion in the United States typically takes three more years. Upon completion, students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E ) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree granted by Walla Walla University.

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Engineering Affiliation Curriculum

First Year


WWU Course and Description

AIU Course and description

English Composition

* ENGL 121,122 College Writing I,II,3

* ENGL 121 Emphasizes the writing process

*ENGL 114 English Composition I 3

*ENGL 115 English Composition II 3


*Math 177 Accelerated Precalculus 5

*Math 181 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

*Math 140 Calculus 3

*Math 241 Calculus for life and social sciences 3


*CHEM 141, 142, 143 General Chemistry 3

*CHEM 151 General Chemistry I 4

*CHEM 152 General Chemistry II 4

Computer Science

*CPTR 141 Introduction to Programming 4

*CPTR 142, 143 Data Structures, Algorithms and Objects 4

*CIS 210 Essentials of Computer Programming 3 



*General studies religion courses

*General studies religion courses

Physical Education

*PE activity classes, no more than 3 credits


*Note: WWU’s regular school year is divided into three quarters, rather than two semesters.

Second Year


WWU Course and Description

AIU Course and Description

Engineering Mechanics

*ENGR 221, 222, 223 Engineering Mechanics 3

*Not currently offered


*MATH 282 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III

*MATH 289 Linear Algebra and its Application 3

*MATH 312 Ordinary Differential Equations4

*Only one semester of calculus is currently offered, MATH 241. The remainder of the calculus sequence will need to be added.

*Not currently offered


PHYS 251, 252, 253 Principles of Physics 3,3,3

*PHYS 251 General Physics I 4(3-3-6)

*PHYS 252 General Physics II 4(3-3-6)


*ENGR 228 Circuit Analysis 4

* Not currently offered

General Studies

*To fill in, up to a total load of 18 credits each quarter. See Guidelines for Planning Engineering Programs

*To fill in, up to a full load. Choose courses that would transfer to WWU courses listed in Guidelines for Planning Engineering Programs

*Note: WWU’s regular school year is divided into three quarters, rather than two semesters.

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