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    The Faculty of Business Administration offers four programs leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (International Program), a Master of Business Administration (International Program), a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting (Thai Program), and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (Thai Program).


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    General Information

    Our Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year program with several emphasis areas. Throughout their course of study, students will develop multiple skills including high level management skills in communication, analysis, problem-solving, team work, communication through technology, and other practical business knowledge. These skills will help students to be fully prepared to enter the dynamic world of modern business. These programs also provide a pathway for further education opportunities.

    All students follow a core curriculum that provides an essential foundation of business knowledge. The curriculum is designed to allow students to build upon this core and pursue emphasis areas in Computer Information Systems, Accounting, or Management.

    The highly competitive environment of the 21st century requires timely, accurate and relevant information crucial to decision making. The creation and management of complex information systems become critical tasks for the modern organization. The CIS (Computer Information Systems) emphasis is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of technology utilization in the business environment. It is structured to provide students with the knowledge and skills to devise and manage computer-based information systems, combining both computer technology and business principles.

    The accounting emphasis is vocationally oriented. This program prepares students for a career in business, whether domestic or international. This program recognizes that the business world is global. It is designed to produce educated, well-rounded individuals, capable of taking their places in their chosen professions and their communities. Asia-Pacific International University accounting graduates are employment-ready, meaning they are of immediate practical relevance to their employers. Their strong commencing base of education also gives them excellent career development. The program also seeks to integrate positive Christian values with sound accounting and business principles.

    The broad aim of the management emphasis is to prepare students for employment ranging from small businesses to management roles. Graduates frequently find their way into family businesses.

    Our graduates have a competitive advantage for employment because of the breadth of our programs, our emphasis on values and the thorough preparation of each student.

    The Faculty of Business Administration at Asia-Pacific International University has the following highly qualified teachers:


    Lecturing Faculty


      Faculty Information
    Noah Anburaj Balraj

    Noah Anburaj Balraj, BA, MBA, PhD
    Faculty Dean
    BBA Management Program Director

    Damrong Sattayavasakul
    Damrong Sattayawaksakool, BBA, BEcon, MBA, PhD(c)

    Sundaresan BU
    Sundaresan Mohan, BBA, MCom, MBA
    BBA (International) Program Director
     Sunisa20Rithitraiphop co Sunisa Rithitraiphop, BA, MBA
    BBA Accounting Program Director
     Henry Foster

    Dr. Henry Foster, BS, MBA, PhD
    Principal Lecturer

    MBA Program Director

     John20Bueno John Bueno, BSc, Dip, MSc
     Payom Sriharat Payom Sriharat, BBA, MBA
     samorn Samorn Namkote, BBA, MBA
     Subin Subin Putsom, BBA, MBA
    Senior Lecturer
     Nguyen Linh Nguyen Thi Phuong Linh, BBA, MBA
     surangkana Surangkana Namkote, BBA, MBA
     Wayne Hamra Wayne Hamra, BA, MBA, DBA
    Principal Lecturer
     Wanlee Putsom Wanlee Putsom, BBA, MBA
    Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor
     Edwardson Pedragosa

    Edwardson Pedragosa, BS, MSc
    Instructor, IT Officer

     Pradeep Tudu Pradeep Arthur Tudu, BBA, MCom
    Lecturer, VPFA
     Pimpa Pimpa Cheewaprakobkit, BSc, MSc
     Stanislav Kirilov Stanislav Kirilov, BS, MS
    Lecturer, IT Director
     Elga Paola Elga Paola Suarez Rojas, BS, MS
     Bejoy PP Photo Bejoy Sulankey, BBA, MA
     Pablo Rios Pablo Jose Rios De Brun, BA, MA
    Instructor, Marketing Director
     Pattraporn Paengpanga 2 Pattraporn Keller, BBA, MBA
    Instructor, HR Director
     Frank Small size for web 2 Franky Mantiri, BBA, MA
    Instructor, Controller

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    Office of Admissions and Records
    Tel: +66-36-720-758 or
    E-mail: register@apiu.edu


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