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    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc. I.T.)

    The BSc. in Information Technology is concerned with the information that computer systems can provide to aid a company, non-profit or governmental organization in defining and achieving its goals. It is also concerned with the processes that an enterprise can implement and improve using information technology.

    Program Objectives

    The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree curriculum aims to lead students to:

    • Develop a personal approach to problem solving by learning from practical exercises and best practices.
    • Explore and practice with the latest theories and technologies in the IT field to develop the most competitive technical skills.
    • Evaluate and compare cutting edge technologies and techniques and its application in the solution of common IT problems.
    • Develop the capacity to continuously learn and adapt to the changing technologies and organizational environments.
    • Capitalize on the opportunities made available in a meaningful university environment to develop communication, interpersonal, and decision making skills.
    • Develop cultural intelligence thought meaningful interactions with a fully international body of students and teachers that enable them to deal with the challenges of a globalized workplace.
    • Acquire moral values, academic excellence, and sensibility to appreciate culture, art and natural world through a holistic approach to IT education.
    • Develop an attitude of service to God and society, and a sense of social responsibility to humanity.

    Practical Emphasis

    • Almost all of the IT courses include a strong practical emphasis.
    • Most IT courses include a lab component.
    • Knowledge and skills acquired by the students will be evaluated based on their ability to solve practical problems. 
    • The curriculum has been streamlined in order to provide plenty of room for students to develop a fully functional IT project in their senior year.

    Program Strenghts 

    Previous Experience

    The Faculty of Business Administration has been offering a full accredited IT program for more than 15 years. That experience provides the new Information Technology program with a strong background to provide a solid learning experience to new students.

    Our Graduates

    Alumni from the current CIS program are found in all areas of IT spectrum in medium and large companies thus proving the efficiency of the learning path previously offered.

    Up-To-Date Curriculum

    The structure of the program is closely linked to professional standards issued by the ACM and IEEE and provided by OHEC. 

    International Teachers with Industry Experience

    All lecturers have a strong background in the industry as well as a long teaching experience. More than 95% of the teachers are international

    Really International Program

    Only about 6% of the students in the program are local, making English the ONLY language of instruction.

    Computer Labs

    The university has 4 computer labs with more than 150 computers. One of them is an IT dedicated lab with 25 up-to-date computers with double screen configuration, fingerprint access lock, CCTV, and a high resolution projector. IT students are granted access to the lab outside their class time to work on their assignments and projects. 

    Employment Opportunities

    The employment outlook for IT professionals is excellent, as the demand in this area is projected to grow faster than the average other occupations. Those trained in Information Technology work in such areas as: programmer/analyst, network administrator, systems analyst, computer support specialist, and other related positions in the field.

    Testimonies from CIS Alumni

    “By combining business and computers together, CIS gave me a good foundation to develop my professional career. So, I can go far beyond and faster than others in the organization.”

    Le Nguyen Minh Duc (Vietnam)

    “CIS at AIU gave me several competitive advantages. English language, a part-time work experience (student work program), and quality education”

    Seng Wandath (Cambodia)

     “This program has helped me to build a very strong bridge between business and computer information systems, and these skills are what every corner of the world is looking for.”

    Vicheanak Vannavy (Cambodia)

    Some IT Courses

    • Essentials of Computer Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Systems Analysis and Design
    • Front-End Web Development
    • Database Design
    • Network Design and Administration
    • Mobile Devices Application Development
    • Systems Development Project
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    Degree Structure

    Courses Credit Hours
    General Education 30
    Humanities 11
    Social Sciences 7
    Language 6
    Mathematics and Science 6
    Professional 90
    Core Courses 42
    Major Required Courses 30
    Major Elective Courses 18
    Free Elective 6
      TOTAL 126

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