Wai Kru Day - In Appreciation of All Teachers & Mentors

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    Wai Kru Day/Thai Teacher’s Day

    In Appreciation of All Teachers & Mentors

    Linda Lagason, English, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

    Teacher’s Day around the world is celebrated in honor of teachers. Unique to Thailand, Wai Kru Day, or Teacher’s Day, celebrates and honors not only teachers in the classroom but all who contribute to sharing wisdom including parents, religious leaders, relatives, and friends. Celebrated on the first Thursday at the start of every academic year, Wai Kru Day is marked by the giving of "paan" and flower garlands in honor of educators. Wai Kru is an integral part of Thai culture and fosters a deep appreciation for wisdom and education within the cultural traditions of Thailand.

    Asia-Pacific International University celebrated Wai Kru day on Wednesday, August 31, at the Kiti-Tasanee Auditorium. The Student Administration Office coordinated the event to honor teachers and all those who contribute in making our institution a center for holistic education. Dr. Danny Rantung, University President remarked, “This day is dedicated to appreciating all teachers, not only those who teach in the classroom but also all staff and administrators who work together to ensure that students achieve their highest potential.”

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    The formal celebration saw presentations of songs and poetry for the special enjoyment of the teachers, after which the administrators and deans were ushered to the stage to receive elaborately decorated ‘paan’ from the students of each faculty and also from the SC team. Mrs. Kritsadaporn Lekasuwan, at the beginning of the ceremony, detailed the significance of the flowers traditionally used for decorating the ‘paan’ such as the Ixora or “dok khem” and Eggplant flowers which symbolized the character of teachers, students and also the journey towards gaining wisdom. The ceremony was then followed by presentations of floral garlands and posies to teachers. Mrs. Ritha Maidom-Lampadan, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, commented that the ceremony was a solemn reminder for teachers of the heavy burden that they must bear and forces them to meditate upon the question of whether they are up to the challenge of meeting the expectations.
    Dr. Danny Rantung, on behalf of all the teachers, presented each faculty a gift in appreciation of the ‘paan’ presented during the ceremony.

    Pastor Somchai Cheunjit, President of the Southeast-Asia Union Mission and the Chair of the University Board, ended the auspicious event with a special prayer for both teachers and students of AIU in which he asked the Lord to bless the students and teachers of AIU in a very personal way so that they become a beacon of faith in Muak Lek and Thailand.

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