2016 Graduating Class Gift

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    On April 27, 2016, the Class of 2016 officially presented their class gift to the university. The class gift is a set of 10 benches and 3 tables made out of wood. The tables and benches are all under the big trees near the Thai Sala, but they will be relocated to Little David, the Thai Sala, the Lake Side, and Bangkok Campus after the graduation ceremony.

    Tabby Andrews, Vice-President of the Graduating Class, said that the class decided to give benches and tables because they noticed that students preferred sitting outdoors when the weather is favorable. “When we noticed students wanting to sit outdoors. So providing them with better seating was the most practical contribution we thought of,” said Tabby. “It was a decision that the class agreed on, and the advisors supported.”

    The Class of 2016 is thankful to the University Administration, Finance Department, the class advisors, the student members of the Class of 2016, and most of all to the University for helping each student grow in knowledge and wisdom.

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